Our Journeys

2021 SEASON!

August 22nd

One of those “should of been here yesterday trips.”  The night started off immediately hooking into a nice swordfish.  After an hour and a half we boated this 78″ sword.  The swordfish kept us busy for most of the night, landing two more.  At 4:00 AM the swordfish bites turned into an all out blitz…

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August 15th – 17th

We took advantage of the great inshore live bait fishery in Cape Cod.  Fishing with live mackerel was the ticket to getting multiple bites per day by the Giant Bluefins. Location: Cape Cod, USA Dates: August 15th – 17th Photos

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August 13th and 14th

We recently brought our boat, Reel Innovation to Hyannis Massachusetts for 3-weeks of Giant Blue-fin Tuna fishing.  Fishing seems to be at its peek right now.  We were able to catch 9 Blue-fun in the first two days of our fishing trip.  The fish ranged from 65″-84″ thus far. Location: Hyannis Massachusetts, USA Dates: August…

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July 19th, 2020

2-Day trip, deep dropping in NE Canyons targeting swordfish.  Tough conditions, with very few bites.  Ended up with a 73″ big eye and a 100 lb. swordfish. Location: NE Canyons, USA Dates: July 18th – July 19th Photos

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